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The Collector's Canon

At Rookies & Keys, we understand the thrill of the hunt. The pages and cards that bring you back to your favorite memories, players, and characters. The joy of admiring a great design and of finally finding the missing item in a series.

Diversify With Collectibles

In today’s world, a well-rounded retirement portfolio contains more than just stocks and real estate. Financial planners now advise clients to diversify their investments with collectible items such as sports cards, comic books, and fine art.

Baird Private Wealth Management lists some of the advantages being:

  • Potential for “tremendous appreciation.”
  • “Collectibles may provide a hedge against inflation.” As prices rise, the value of your item may rise too.
  • Collectibles diversify your portfolio and “do not necessarily move up and down with the stock and bond markets. In fact, [they] can sometimes move opposite to the markets, as investors sometimes flee traditional investments in times of turbulence.”
Quality you can trust

Quality You Can Trust

Through fixed priced listings, online auctions, and fractional ownership, Rookies & Keys provides a safe, trusted location to purchase investment-grade collectibles.

No dealing with shady eBay sellers, hoping your card arrives safely, or traveling to traditional dealers across the country. All items come professionally graded by the industry’s top graders and are guaranteed to be 100% authentic.

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